Hello my loves!

You can visit me in Deptford or Brockley to enjoy a sneaky tipple in my finest china & crystal cut glassware. Popping in is totally fine, but if you are planning on coming in a large group for a celebration then please let me know so my Grandchildren can spoil you silly.

We are also available for total private hire on the times we are not open to the public - ideal for birthday parties, hen dos, launch events and photoshoots (recently been used by ITV, E4 and Vintage Life Magazine).

Lots of Love, Little Nan xx

Where are you wishing to
give Little Nan some Love?

Open Thursday to Saturday, 5pm - 11pm
46 Deptford Broadway
London, SE8 4PH

Open Friday - Saturday, 5pm - 11.15pm
Upstairs at The Talbot
2 Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley
London, SE8 4PH